Michelle Obama Task

My response to Michelle Obama’s speech to female students at a London girls’ language school.



In this speech Michelle talks about her working class background and the way her family brought her and her brother up. She also talks about how she didn’t come from the wealthiest of background and that she had to work hard for everything she wanted. She is a very humble person and her values, attitudes and beliefs have made her the person she is today..

Michelle Obama I think, values education and that everyone has a right to equal education, whether you are a male or a female. She values equity and social justice, the ability to have confidence in yourself and integrity. She values family a lot and community.

She believes that woman are very strong and powerful and that they will be the ones to make a change in the future and ‘close the gap.’She believes that with a good education, there is nothing you can’t do.

From these values and beliefs, she has a strong attitude toward getting the best education and getting the most out of that education. She has a positive attitude towards woman getting an equal education to males, woman making a change and difference in the future and that woman can do anything if they work hard.


2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Task

  1. Good! We will look again at this speech in class and see if it is persuasive. Plural of woman is women as I’m sure you know.

  2. Very good Jamie, you easily picked out Michelle’s Values and beliefs.
    But you Need to believe in your knowledge, dont use “I think” you are correct as long as you back it up with evidence.

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